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Welcome to Always Happy Travels, I’m glad you’re here!

This is a blog about travel, inspiring quests and the joy of being alive.


But first, let me introduce myself. I am Ramona. I am a German travel blogger, life coach, writer and lover of aviation, sports and healthy living.

I want to lean into life, love and freedom. Every single day.

And here is my story:

I have been traveling for pretty much all my life. The Seychelles, Santorini, Jamaica – due to my parents’ constant wanderlust, I got to see some pretty awesome parts of this world at a very young age. Not to mention all the summers spent hiking, eating and sun-bathing in Northern Italy. Good times.

Traveling has always been a very important part of my life, and after my first 18 years on this planet, I also discovered my passion for aviation.

I now know that it’s always been there, but like many things, it took me a while to realise it. I am in love with boarding a plane and feeling that sense of anticipation and freedom. I am in love with the promising scent of kerosene, tarmac and the buzzing noise of jet engines. There are not many things that can get into my blood the way aviation does.

After graduating from high school, I decided to pursue a career in aviation and airport management. I got my bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management and was working for the Munich Airport Operating Company (FMG) for about three years. It was a great time: wearing suits, seeing airplanes every single workday and knowing the airport inside out – can it get any better?

Three years, different departments and numerous projects later, I realised: Yes, it can! It can get much better! Because I hated sitting in an office Monday to Friday, and I couldn’t stand looking at another excel sheet. Over the years, I fell in love with the idea of becoming a commercial pilot and by the end of my last semester at university, I knew: That’s where I belong!

I applied for Swiss and Lufthansa to get one of the few spots for a paid pilot training program. Man, this was exciting! I studied physics, maths and trained my retentiveness. I improved my spatial perception and practiced mental arithmetic. And after all this training, I actually passed the first couple of tests.

During this entire time, I was drawn to travel. To follow my curiosities, to experience new things, and to expand my horizons. I went to Barcelona & Porto, travelled Scandinavia by train and spent a month in Australia. And in 2012, I even got a scholarship to study abroad in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Filled with all these precious memories and a constantly growing wanderlust, I decided that I needed to get out of Germany. That I needed to travel. So in May 2013, I booked a round the world ticket and set off a couple of months later.


I felt free. I felt alive.

And holy cow, these feeling are addictive!


High on freedom and happiness, I travelled Morocco, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, Fiji and Hawaii. I started writing this blog to share my experiences and stay connected with my friends & family back home. I had time to absorb all the different impressions and reflect about my own life. And let me tell you: It wasn’t always easy.

The hardest part was realising that a career as a commercial pilot didn’t align with my core values at all. I had been daydreaming, talking and planning for years (my friends know that) and making the decision of NOT pursuing this long-felt dream of mine was not an easy one. I finally found the courage to quit my application with Lufthansa and have not regretted this decision for a single second. I still want to get my private pilot licence and am probably more passionate about aviation than ever. But being a commercial pilot and flying four legs a day is just not what I can see myself doing for the next thirty years.

Always Happy Travels

Instead, I finally know what makes me come alive:

Inspiration. Joy. Adventure. Celebration. Passion. And loving & genuine connections.

Life happens right now. All we ever have is this one moment.

It is easy to omit this in our busy, heteronomous lives. We follow a certain path, get caught up in our cosy little comfort zones and forget about our true potential.

We forget what lights us up and makes us feel alive. And the longer we hide it, the harder it is to uncage our deepest dreams, truths and desires.


Are you living your life according to YOUR CORE VALUES?

Are you taking time to do what makes YOUR SOUL happy?


I believe that we all have a purpose.

I believe in freedom and self-expression. In joy and excitement. In passion and celebrating life.

I believe that the more fulfilled we are, the more we can give to the world around us.

“It’s only when you leap off the edge of familiarity that you start to find out who you truly are and what makes you come alive.” (Adam Braun, The Promise Of A Pencil)

Life is a journey, not a frantic race.

And you don’t even have to travel the world to align with your deepest desires and unlock your true potential. Traveling within yourself is all it takes.

Always Happy Travels is an online treasure chest of travel, inspiring quests and the joy of being alive. It is made for you: to inspire, encourage and motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and into life. Real life. Right now.


Follow your dreams and curiosities.

Because in the end, life is what YOU make it.


Always happy Travels!