A 4th of July Tale

Yesterday, I spent my first 4th of July in the United States. And let me tell you, it was quite a remarkable day.

During the past couple of months I mostly shared travel tips and stories about where I’ve been to on the blog, but that’s something I want to change with changing the overall blog design. Always Happy Travels will get deeper, more inspiring & interactive and above all, more personal.

It’s not about where we travel to and what we see. It is about whom we meet and how the journey transforms us as a human being. Travelling is so completely different to going on a holiday.

It’s about getting to know the world inside and outside of you.

And my 4th of July story is a great example for this.

It actually started the day before, while I was standing in one of the aisles at Whole Foods doing my grocery shopping. I am looking at some chick pea or quinoa salad (can’t quite remember) when suddenly a good-looking guy starts talking to me. We have a little chat, I take my bag and that’s it. Nice conversation, I thought. And I leave the store.

Fast forward a couple of hours. It’s early morning on 4th of July. I discovered a free, donation-based daily yoga class at the beach the day before and got instantly hooked. So here I am, at 7am, doing one sun salutation after the other. During one of my downward dog poses I catch sight of a girl right behind me. She somehow looks really familiar, I think.

Suddenly, it starts pouring like cats and dogs and we reluctantly have to stop our morning class. The girl introduces herself to the yoga instructor and tells him that she’s from Hawaii.

Hawaii? That rings a bell!

Turns out that this girl – her name is Gabby – is one of my lovely airbnb hosts’ daughter whom I met during me one-week stay in Kaua’i. Wow.

How on earth do two people from two completely different sides of the world meet at a random part of South Beach in Miami, Florida? On 4th of July? During a 7am yoga class with only about seven participants?

This is why I don’t believe in coincidences.

But wait, it gets even better. After this amazing reunion, I go for run, take a shower and look for a good place to watch the soccer game between Germany and France. I decide to go to a tapas place at Española Way but when I get there, it turns out that they’re broadcasting the game in Spanish.

So I keep looking and end up watching the game in a Brazilian restaurant nearby. After about 80 minutes, the Whole Foods guy walks in. I honestly can’t believe it – especially after the crazy story at the beach earlier in the day. We start talking. He tells me that he’s a coconut distributor, invites me to have a fresh coconut with him and introduces me to a couple of friends at the beach.

Seriously, how does that happen? Out of all the restaurants in South Beach, how does he happen to walk into the one I’m sitting in? I’m amazed. A second time within just a couple of hours.

This is crazy, and yet another reason why I don’t believe in coincidences.


Life is a miracle.

And the more I travel, the more I realize this. To actually find these daily wonders you not only have to open your eyes, but also your heart and soul.

You’ve got to trust the universe that there is some sort of divine reason for everything that happens.


The thing is: Life is not happening TO you. It is happening FOR you.

Gold Strands

Always happy travels!

And now it’s your turn: What crazy stories (or “coincidences”) have you experienced at home or while travelling? Share them in the comments below!


One response to “A 4th of July Tale

  1. Ja da kann das Leben einfach faszinierend sein. Aber so selten ist das nicht (warum auch immer, das ist Sache von Statistikern)- wenn auch immer wieder außergewöhnlich, einen Rettungsdienstkollegen mitten im Nichts am Stuttgart Airport, einen Schulkameraden in der Einöde Dänemarks oder -mein Highlight- Einwohner der selben Klein(st)stadt in Deutschland als Teilnehmer von einer nur 10-köpfigen Reisegruppe im völlig verlassenen Salar de Uyuni in Bolvien zu treffen. So hält das Leben immer Überraschungen bereit. Wenn du allerdings richtig was erleben willst, dann reise mit einem indischen Freund, der in Kanada lebt, nach China. Ein Spaß für alle Beteiligten 😀 Gruß in die States!

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