What travelling and bananas have in common

Yep, I’m writing about bananas today.

Is she crazy now? What the hell have bananas to do with travelling?

Glad you asked. Because a couple of hours ago, I had no answer to this question either. Writing about bananas is not even my idea, but Becca’s. On her website Uncage Your Business she set up a challenge to write a blog post about why your business is related to bananas.

As you already now, I LOVE challenges – and the fact that there is a prize makes participating even more tempting.

So here we go: Today, I’ll tell you why my business is like a banana.

Before we dig deeper into that life-changing question, I probably need to clarify what my business actually is.

Travel blogging. Sort of. And life coaching. Yeah, that’s more of a business.

But are these two thing really my BUSINESS right now? What is considered as a business anyway?

An online dictionary helped me defining that very question, and here is what it says:

busi·ness [biz-nis] – noun

  1. an occupation, profession or trade
  2. the purchase and sale of goods in an attempt to make a profit
  3. volume of trade
  4. a place of work

My profession is being a travel blogger. I regularly purchase plane tickets and sell old backpacks, hiking gear or other travel-related stuff. My volume of trade? Ahem, very low.

And the most important part: My place of work is the world. This beautiful, amazing, stunning planet called Earth. Because all I need for my business is a laptop and an internet connection – isn’t that amazing?

So right now, my business is…well…it is travelling.

Okay, but still: What the hell have bananas to do with travelling?

No worries my dear readers, we’ll get there. But before, I want to tell you another story, a story about bananas.

This morning, I was standing in my kitchen and making a green smoothie. You know, with spinach, coconut water, banana and all.

While drinking, Becca’s competition popped up in my head and I curiously asked myself: What on earth could I possibly write about bananas? Seriously, couldn’t she pick something like the World Cup or Canada? Something less random?

I looked closer, bit into the remains of my breakfast banana – and almost choked: Uagh, this thing doesn’t even taste like a banana! More like cardboard shipped from one side of the world to the other, painted yellowish and pressed into a banana-like shape. Yuck.

And then it hit me: This is just not an AUTHENTIC banana!

After having travelled Fiji and Hawaii earlier this year, I truly know how an authentic banana tastes like. And that’s nothing like the stale taste of most of the bananas sold in German supermarkets.


That’s what this blog post actually is all about.

I know that by now, you probably are hopelessly confused about all the business & banana babble.

But here’s the thing: My business is traveling. Bananas are only truly yummy when authentic (that is, eaten in their country of origin). And thus, travelling only really works when we do it authentically.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Ha!

After having travelled the world for 219 days, travelling authentically has been burned into my heart and soul. It’s something I do without even thinking about it.

But what does that mean, travelling authentically?

For me, it is being YOU. 100%. All of the time.

When we are home, caught up in our daily tasks and dragged down by external pressure, our level of authenticity is generelly pretty low. We are afraid of being critized and not fulfilling everyone else’s expectations.

That’s why for so many of us, our two-week holiday is that saving anchor in a vast sea of fakeness. Travelling lets us unfold our true selves. We can open up to new countries, cultures and experiences. We can be US.

It doesn’t matter whether the train is late, our hair a little uncombed and we just had the most childish conversation about the city’s best ice-cream flavour.

And it gets even better, because authentic travels are not only about us: When we travel a foreign country, most of us want to live and eat like the locals. We want to absorb everything we can grasp of the local culture, cuisine and way of life. We want to feel authentic and alive.

But here’s the thing: Are you living an authentic life RIGHT NOW?

Because we don’t even need to travel to embrace that feeling of authenticity. We can start doing it right here, right now.

And maybe buy apples instead of bananas next time.

Travelling & Bananas

Always happy travels!

Fun fact: There is a city in the Republic of Kongo called Banana. True story. That place will definitely be added to my travel bucket list!

2 responses to “What travelling and bananas have in common

  1. Hach…wenn ich deinen Post lese, werd ich ganz schwermütig. Wie du dein “Business” beschreibst…NEID kann ich da nur sagen 😉 Das hätte ich auch gern!

    Der Vergleich mit der Banane…nicht schlecht 😉 Gut geschrieben!!!

    Liebste Grüße aus deiner Heimat,

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