The Alive Project: A journey towards more abundance, fulfillment and joy

Are you feeling alive?

Is your life abundant, fulfilling and joyful?


I know that even though I feel happy and content most of the time, there still is a long way to go. And I am pretty sure you feel the same way too.

What being alive really means

After attending the ALIVE in Berlin conference last weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking about two things I want to be:

Inspired and alive.

Aoi Garden Home

We all want it. Of course, there are thousands of words to describe what I just called “being inspired and alive”. Some of you might think of connections, love and support. Others long to be free, independent and lifted by all the possibilities in this world.

Peace. Clarity. Passion. Flow. Purpose. Excitement. Presence. Bliss.

Just a couple of other ways to put our desire of being alive into words.

But being alive also means to face the hard stuff. To be challenged. To leave our comfort zones.

Fear. Failure. Vulnerability. Loneliness. Confusion.

They are part of being alive as well. We hide them, we are ashamed of them, we feel unworthy because of them. But the truth is that they are a part of everyone’s life. I repeat: EVERYONE’S life.

After reading my friend Marthe’s post about how little time we actually have, I realised that there is no point of postponing. I want to feel alive now. Every minute of my live. And I know you want that too.


The Alive Project

So how can we feel more alive?

Good news is: This is NOT about perfectionism. It is not about portraying your best (and maybe fake) self while you’re utterly unhappy inside.

Feeling alive is all about authenticity. About the little things. Moments that light us up, people who make us happy and most importantly, loving ourselves the way we are.

As you might already know, I love challenges. Small ones, big ones – it doesn’t really matter. And here’s what this quest is about:

  • WHAT: The Alive Project is a two-week Twitter challenge with a daily tweet that makes you feel more alive (only if you do the work, of course!)
  • HOW: To take part, follow me on Twitter (@ramona_envoyage) and tweet your response to the daily challenge using the hashtag #thealiveproject. Share your experiences with your friends and make the world more alive!
  • WHEN: The challenge will start on June 9th 2014.
  • WHY: Because I know you want to feel alive. And because the world needs more people who have come alive.

Finally, I want to share a very inspiring quote with you that my lovely friend Henrika passed on to me:

The one who travels into oneself travels around the world.

Let’s travel into ourselves for the next fourteen days and find out what makes us truly come alive!

Always happy travels!

P.S.: Of course I will be doing these challege with you! Stay tuned for a juicy post of my experiences in two weeks from now!

Edit: Since many of you have asked me how to participate in the challenge without a Twitter account, I decided to send out daily emails as well. So if you like to be added to the mailing list, email me at!



5 responses to “The Alive Project: A journey towards more abundance, fulfillment and joy

  1. i love how you address the fact that “being alive” means dealing with the tough stuff as well – like fear and loneliness and confusion. embracing all of what life has to offer, in good times and in not-so-good times. wonderfully inspiring, ramona – thank you.

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