Alive in Berlin – how one weekend changed my view of Berlin and transformed my life

“I LOVE Berlin.”

“Oh my god, Berlin is one of my favourite cities in Europe!”

“What? You’re going to Berlin? I am so jealous!”


Three sentences I often hear when I ask people about Berlin. They love it. Everyone loves it. Except for me.

At least that is what I thought until just a couple of days ago. I have to confess that I only ever spend one single day (okay, let’s be honest here: 10 hours) in my capital city before last weekend.

And then something wonderful called ALIVE happened. ALIVE is a conference, a global world gathering devoted to personal transformation, inspiration and change.

It actually not only changed me as a person but also my view of Berlin.

More than a conference

ALIVE is a two-day event founded by the wonderful Jana Schuberth and brings together visionaries from all over Europe and the world.

It is about inspiration, making deep connections and coming alive. It is about reflective thinking, change-making and big (yeah, BIG) dreams.

Ohhh, I love this stuff. It just makes my heart sing.

“Live fully, die empty.” (Greg Hartle, opening speaker at ALIVE)

All the amazing speakers @ ALIVE

All the amazing speakers @ ALIVE

Transformation happens within

During this weekend in Berlin, I got the chance to meet some oustanding and very inspiring people. We talked. We laughed. We connected.

And I realized that when you are supported by people with the same mindset and an “everything-is-possible” mentality everything really is possible.

It always starts with a transformation from within, but like a beautiful garden, we all need like-minded people to water and nourish these thoughts, ideas and visions of ours.

Why my view of Berlin has shifted

What I love about traveling is that even when you visit a place twice (or three times, or four times) it always feels different. You are different. The world around you is different.

When I first went to Berlin in 2010, I only had 10 brief hours. I rushed the sights, I walked 12 kilometres, I was hungrily looking for a traditional Döner and couldn’t find one (seriously, how can that happen in Berlin?!), I was exhausted. Not a good start.

And that’s probably why I always told people: “I don’t know, Berlin is just not my city. I prefer Munich (I actually still do!). Or Hamburg.”

But life changes. And so do our experiences.

This time my view of Berlin has transformed into a real connection. With all the wonderful people I met and life-changing experiences I made, Berlin has opened up! (short note to everyone who ever heard one of Ben Austin‘s talks: I truly believe Berlin is a she – only after she has opened up emotionally, she is able to show her physical beauty. True story.)

I love the city. I love its vibe. And I love that I love it.

The start of a new movement

"What is worth living for?" (Chris Guillebeau)

“What is worth living for?” (Chris Guillebeau)

ALIVE is not just a conference, it embodies a way of life. And Berlin is not just a city, it is a place to feel ALIVE.

And now it’s your turn: Get your tickets for ALIVE in Berlin 2015 and explore this wonderful city yourself! I already have mine and I’d love to see you there next year!

Always happy travels!




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