Life in words: Put down that map and get wonderfully lost

Today’s Life In Words is a very personal message. It is something that I have learned during the past eight months of my life.

Put down that map and get wonderfully lost.

A quote that holds a lot of truth – not only when we travel, but also in our everyday lives.

Most people start off on a trip with at least one of the following: a travel quide, a proper map, a to-do list longer than a family’s weekly shopping list, and a countless number of apps to find the best restaurants, bars and attractions. We like to be well-prepared. Because not being well-prepared makes us feel insecure, nervous and like a failure before we even start our trip.

It’s when people ask:

So, what hotel are you staying at? What do you want to see? How do you get there? How much does it cost?

Normally, we have it all figured out. Because it makes sense to figure it all out. But to be honest, after months of traveling, I feel like having it all figured out does more harm than good. It puts you in a passive position. In some sort of a cage. Because when you are in a foreign city or country, there is SO MUCH MORE to see than what you wrote on your list. Of course there is! And by constantly staring at our map (so that we don’t get lost!) we actually get lost. We lose the actual experience of traveling. We lose the surprises, the secret spots that only locals know, the wonder.

And that is also true for life. I am German, and we LOVE to have it all figured out. We have a great health care and education system. We put a lot of emphasis on quality training and certifications. We invest in our retirement. Germans need a plan.

But do we really need one all the time? Do we really need to have it all figured out 24/7? Wouldn’t it be nice to sometimes just let life flow?

The answers are: No. And no. And HELL YES!

It takes a while to figure out what we really want in our lives. And these visions, goals and dreams change constantly.

Life is like a flowing river, not a dry business plan.

Don’t get me wrong: I believe that having an idea of what we want is crucial – both when we are traveling and living our everyday lives. But it is also important to put that map down once in a while. And get wonderfully lost.

Getting lost

Always happy travels!




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