Project 21: A running challenge

We all love challenges. Whether this is travelling every single country in the world like Chris Guillebeau, founding and completing the Ironman like John and Judy Collins, setting up a hotel on a completely different continent like Nicole Pavlin or the animal-loving commitment of feeding pelicans every single day like John.

I love challenges too.

That’s why I wanted to become a pilot (and still do, just not a commercial one). That’s why I set off on a 219 day round the world trip. That’s why I came up with this challenge called Project 21. Curious?

Project 21 is a running challenge with a travel background. Or maybe a travel challenge with a running background? Anyway, this is the goal:

I am going to run 21 halfmarathons in 21 countries before I turn twenty-one – just kidding, I’m already past that – thirty.

Why not running marathons? And why did I decide to run 21 instead of, say, thirty? Because somehow, it all centers on the number 21: A halfmarathon is 21 kilometres, my 30th birthday will be in 2021 (12/1/2021 to be exactly – see the pattern?!), and… well, do I need to explain more? It’s like a decision made by the universe, and my job is to execute it 😉

My very first out of 21 halfmarathons will be in Reykjavik, Iceland, on the 23rd of August 2014 (unfortunately, I couldn’t convince the organizers to change it to the 21st) – save the date! I’m more than excited to not only run the race but also travel Iceland along the way – and for sure, I hope to see you there too! Ready for a challenge?

When you are a runner, the world is your gym.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

And now it’s your turn: If you have any personal challenges you’d like to share, feel free to post them in the comments below! We love to hear about all the crazy things you have in mind!

Also, if you know about exceptionally spectacular/challenging/stunning halfmarathons all around the world, let me know! As you know, (travel) inspirations are always more than welcome!

Always happy travels/races and see you in Reykjavik!


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